Fay's Crepes - Work Portfolio

Restaurant Marketing

We were delighted to partner with the delicious Fay’s Crepes in Columbus, Ohio for a new breakfast menu designed to delight. Using our expertise in restaurant digital marketing and data-driven advertising, we gained key insights into what makes Fay’s customers tick. We learned the cozy, community vibe was key – folks come not just for their delicious crepes loaded with sweet and savory fillings, but also for the warmth and spirit of the place.

That understanding shaped the creative direction for a new menu that would speak to Fay’s regulars as much as first-timers. Strategic structuring guided customers from classic savory crepes to sweet indulgences and custom combinations – encouraging multiple add-ons and upsells.

Since the launch, Fay’s Crepes has enjoyed increased customer spend¬† during brunch hours thanks to the menu’s charm and our marketing efforts.