Best Restaurant Website Builders

6 Best Restaurant Website Builders

The restaurant industry is always changing. Having a strong online presence has become vital. 80% of diners check out restaurants online before going. Restaurants with online ordering can make 30% more from takeout. Plus, customers love to see food photos online, and online ordering boosts the average order value.

User-friendly website builders are on the rise. They give restaurant owners many tools to craft beautiful, feature-rich websites. This can attract customers and increase sales. If you want to show off your menu, take online orders, or handle reservations, the best restaurant website builders are here to help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top restaurant website maker choices. We’ll talk about what makes each one unique, their prices, and which restaurants they’re best for. By the end, you’ll know which restaurant website creator is the perfect choice for your business and budget.

1. Hostinger Website Builder for Restaurants

Hostinger Restaurant Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder is simple to use and lets you make beautiful websites for your restaurant fast. It has many ready-made templates just for restaurants, which work well on phones and can be changed however you like. With an easy drag-and-drop editor, you can adjust colors, fonts, pictures, and layouts to craft a special Hostinger website builder for your eatery.

AI Builder for Tailored Websites

Hostinger’s AI Builder tool makes it easy to have a site that fits your restaurant perfectly. Just answer a few questions and it creates a design that suits your brand and what you like. This makes using the AI website builder simple and fun.

AI Writer for Content Creation

Hostinger’s AI Writer is great for getting your restaurant’s site ready. This tool creates top-notch content that’s good for search engines. It can write about your dishes or make “about us” sections, freeing you up to manage your restaurant.

Online Ordering System Integration

Hostinger lets you connect your site to online ordering platforms. This way, people can order from your site directly. It not only makes ordering easier but also helps your business work better and make more money.

Menu Management Tools

Keeping your menu up to date is key for your site. Hostinger gives you tools to show your food clearly. You can change prices, add dishes, and make everything look just right for your brand.

Built-In Table Reservation System

Hostinger’s site builder for restaurants includes a way for people to reserve tables online. This makes it easier for customers to plan their visit. It also makes managing reservations smoother, giving your guests a hassle-free time at your place.

2. Wix for Restaurant Websites

Wix Restaurant Website Builder

Wix stands out for creating top-notch restaurant websites. It offers over 60 templates for every kind of eatery. This makes it simple for restaurant owners to build a site that matches their brand.

Over 60 Pre-Made Restaurant Templates

Wix has many templates for different types of restaurants. These designs look great on all devices. So, your website always appears attractive and functional.

Wix ADI AI Website Builder

Wix’s AI website builder, Wix ADI, is perfect for those wanting a guided setup. It builds a site just by asking you a few questions. The result is a unique website that meets your specific needs and style.

Customizable Templates

Even with pre-made templates, restaurant owners can make their website stand out. You can change the look, colors, and layout easily. This way, your Wix restaurant website reflects your brand perfectly.

Wix App Market for Added Features

The Wix App Market has everything to make your site better. It includes tools for online orders, table bookings, SEO, and marketing. With these apps, your site can do more to attract and serve customers.

Built-In SEO and Marketing Tools

Wix cares about helping restaurants succeed online. It comes with powerful SEO and marketing tools. These tools help your site rank well on search engines and reach more people.

With Wix, restaurant owners can create websites that do more. They not only show off the food but also grow the business. Wix offers the right tools for every aspect of running a successful restaurant website.

3. Squarespace for Restaurant Sites

Squarespace Restaurant Website Builder

For those running a restaurant, Squarespace is a great choice for a website. It offers 15 templates made just for restaurants. These can make your digital space look amazing.

15 Modern, Clean Restaurant Templates

The website designs on Squarespace are perfect for places that serve food. They are simple but stylish. This makes it easy for guests to look at your menu and photos. It’s all about catching the eye and being easy to use.

Fluid Engine Drag-and-Drop Editor

Editing your Squarespace site is simple with its drag-and-drop editor. It lets you tweak things like colors and fonts without any trouble. This way, your website can be as unique as your brand.

Integrated Image Editor

With Squarespace, you can easily adjust your food and venue photos. You can crop, resize, and even add filters. This makes your site look stunning and appealing to visitors.

Tock Integration for Online Ordering and Reservations

Squarespace links up with Tock for online orders and bookings. This makes it super easy for customers to order or book tables. They can do it all right from your website.

Squarespace AI Content Creation

Squarespace uses AI to help you write engaging content. It does the hard work for you by creating SEO-friendly text. This means your website will grab the attention of those looking for a great place to eat.

4. Shopify for eCommerce Restaurant Websites

Shopify Restaurant Website Builder

Shopify helps restaurant owners take their business online, known for its eCommerce tools. It’s great for those wanting to expand their business reach. Shopify provides a way for restaurants to have a strong online presence. They can offer an easy to use restaurant website for their customers.

Advanced eCommerce Features

Shopify has a wide range of tools for restaurant owners. It covers everything from secure payments to managing orders and stock. These tools help run the online sales smoothly. They also make the business more efficient.

Secure Online Transactions

Keeping customer info safe is crucial for online restaurant sales. Shopify takes care of secure payments and follows strict data protection standards. This keeps customer data safe. Diners feel more secure ordering food online through these systems.

Inventory and Order Management

Managing stock and orders well is key for an online restaurant. Shopify’s features help keep track of what’s in stock and what’s been ordered. This makes sure customers get their food on time. It helps create a good experience for them.

Tipping Option at Checkout

Customers appreciate the option to leave a tip when checking out. Shopify lets restaurants add a tip feature to their website. This improves the customer experience. It shows the restaurant cares about its staff and service.

Shopify Partners for Expert Help

Shopify’s partner network is there to help with website building and optimization. Restaurant owners can get help from skilled developers, designers, and marketers. These partners offer advice on how to best use Shopify for their specific needs.

5. Webflow for Custom Restaurant Sites

Webflow Restaurant Website Builder

Webflow is at the forefront of making restaurant websites. It offers deep customization options. This makes it a top choice for those wanting to create unique Webflow restaurant websites. Owners can show off the spirit of their dining spots online.

Visual CSS Designer for Styling

The platform’s visual CSS designer is a key feature. It lets owners shape the look of their custom restaurant website. They can pick from vibrant colors and stylish fonts easily. No need for a lot of coding knowledge.

Animations and Interactions

Webflow doesn’t stop at looks. It lets restaurants add cool animations and interactions to their sites. Things like animations that start when users scroll, or interactive menus, are possible. These extras can make the site really engaging for visitors.

eCommerce Integration

For places wanting to sell more online, Webflow is a big help. Its eCommerce tools allow for online orders, selling gift cards, and handling reservations. This turns a regular website into a key part of cyber operations for a restaurant.

6. SITE123 for Beginner-Friendly Sites

Site123 Restaurant Website Builder

Are you a restaurant owner looking for a simple website builder? SITE123 is perfect for you. It doesn’t require any coding skills. It’s easy to use and helps you make a stylish SITE123 restaurant website fast.

Stack-Based Editing Interface

The stack-based editing on SITE123 guides you through each step. It’s perfect for those new to website building. With it, restaurant owners can go online quickly without being web experts.

Responsive Design Across Devices

Your SITE123 website looks great on every device without extra work. This means customers can enjoy your site on their phones, tablets, or computers. A smooth experience on any device helps build your brand and reach more people.

Menu Management Tools

SITE123 has great tools for managing your restaurant’s menu. You can easily add, change, or remove dishes and update their details. This tool helps keep your online menu accurate, attracting more customers.

Table Booking System

With SITE123’s built-in table booking, customers can reserve a spot easily. They can even say how many people will be in their party. This feature makes it simple for restaurants to plan seating and prepare for guests.

Location and Opening Hours Display

Your restaurant’s address and operating hours are displayed clearly on SITE123 websites. This makes it easy for customers to find and visit your place. Highlighting these details improves the user experience and attracts more visitors.

Feature Description
24/7 Live Support SITE123 offers around-the-clock assistance to help users with any questions or issues they may encounter while building their restaurant website.
Custom Domain Pricing Connecting a custom domain to a SITE123 website can cost as little as $10.8 per month with an annual plan, or $12.8 per month with a yearly plan, making it a cost-effective option for restaurant owners.
Multiple Websites SITE123 allows users to create and manage multiple websites under a single account, providing flexibility and scalability for growing restaurant businesses.
CDN Server Storage SITE123 websites are hosted on content distribution network (CDN) servers, ensuring faster loading times and an optimal user experience for customers.

Cost of Building a Restaurant Website

Building a website for your restaurant can be costly. Hiring a developer can cost from $3,000 to $15,000. This cost depends on what features and design you need. The price can change based on how complex the site is and what functions, like online ordering, you want.

Hiring a Developer Can Cost $3,000 – $15,000

For a unique, well-made site, it’s best to hire a professional. Prices for their work can start at $3,000. For a site with many features and a complex design, you might pay $15,000. This option is good if you want a site that’s really original but it does cost more.

Restaurant Website Builders Allow Creation for as Little as $9/Month

But, there are easier and cheaper ways to make a website. Websites like Wix, Squarespace, and Hostinger let you use templates. They are easy to use but may not be as custom as hiring a developer. It can cost as little as $9 a month. This is better if your budget is tight.

Website Builder Pricing Features for Restaurants
Wix $16 – $159/month Wix Restaurant Apps, POS integration, multiple location management
Squarespace $16 – $49/month Stunning templates for cafes and fine dining, Square POS integration
Hostinger $2.49 – $9.99/month Affordable pricing for diners and casual restaurants

In the end, building a website for your restaurant can have a wide range of costs. Using website builders is cheaper. It’s a good option for many restaurants that want to be online without spending a lot.

Must-Have Features for Best Restaurant Website Builders

Choosing the best website builder for your restaurant means looking for certain features. These can improve your online presence and make the customer experience better. Must-have features include:

Simple Design for Easy Information Access

A clean and uncluttered design is vital. It helps visitors easily locate important details like your menu and contact information. A simple layout lets customers find what they need quickly.

Drag-and-Drop Interface for Customization

The top builders often offer a drag-and-drop editor. This tool lets you customize your website without any coding. It allows restaurant owners to reflect their brand online via a simple interface.

Responsiveness Across All Devices

Most Americans now own smartphones. So, it’s crucial that your site looks good and works well on mobile. A responsive design ensures everyone has a great experience, regardless of the device they use.

Ease of Updating Menu and Prices

Restaurants often change their menus and prices. Your website needs to keep up. A good website builder makes it easy to update these details. This keeps your site current and your customers happy.

Online Ordering Integration

A growing number of people like to order food online. Having a system that lets customers order from your site can boost sales. It also makes the customer experience better.

Table Reservation Integration

Letting customers book tables on your website makes things easier for everyone. Look for a builder that lets you handle reservations on your site. This can reduce your workload and make booking a table simpler for your customers.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Being easily found on search engines is crucial. You need tools to help with your site’s search engine optimization. Good SEO features are a must for any restaurant website builder.

Website Analytics Tracking

Understanding how your website is performing is important. Analytics help you see what customers like and don’t like. Good website builders come with analytics or let you use third-party tools.

Links to Social Media and Review Sites

Linking your site to social media and review sites can help. It improves your online presence and lets you interact with customers. You can also respond to feedback directly from your site.

By making sure your website has these features, you can create a great experience. This can drive more orders and reservations, leading to growth for your business.


In conclusion, a well-designed website is key for a restaurant’s success online. With the help of a restaurant website builder, owners can make a site that’s attractive to customers. It should make it easy to order online or make reservations. This, in turn, can help the business grow.

The restaurant website builder recommendations, like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify, are full of useful features. These are perfect for restaurants. They let owners show off their menus, take orders, and handle reservations. Plus, they work well with different payment and POS systems.

In today’s world, a strong online presence is a must for restaurants. By choosing a quality website builder, owners can show what they offer and make things easier for customers. This leads to a great experience for diners, encouraging them to return.


Why is having a restaurant website important?

A restaurant website can be crucial for success, research shows. With online ordering and menus, you can attract more customers. A study found 80% of diners look up places online before going. This makes having features like online menus and reservations key.

Restaurants that let you order online can make 30% more from takeout. Also, showing pictures of your food online can boost sales. Moreover, online ordering tends to increase the amount customers spend.

What are the top website builders for creating a restaurant website?

Top website builders for restaurants are Hostinger Website Builder, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow, and SITE123. They offer special templates and AI to design your site for success. Their custom designs will make your restaurant website stand out.

What features should I look for in a restaurant website builder?

Choosing the right website builder for your restaurant is key. You need a simple design and a drag-and-drop setup for customization. Your site must look good on any device. It should also be easy to update prices, have online ordering, and a reservation system.

In addition, the site should be SEO-friendly, be able to track analytics, and connect to social media. Including links to reviews can also help boost your business.

How much does it cost to build a restaurant website?

Creating a restaurant website can be expensive if starting from zero. Hiring a developer might cost between $3,000 and $15,000, depending on what you need. Yet, using a builder can bring this cost down.

With a website builder, you can get your site up for just $9 a month. This option makes it more affordable for many restaurants.